With most banks and financial institutions going for mobile applications, they help customers use the most unique facilities for meaningful and valuable user experience. Here are 7 unique ones a mobile banking app offers:

Manage Your Bank Account

The whole purpose of using a mobile banking app is to access and manage your account in an efficient way. You can check the account balances of different banks by linking them to a single app to have complete details of your finance. The app is so designed to support numerous banks and financial institutions and facilitate easy transfer of money between different accounts, as well as to your friends and family members, without switching between applications.

Apply Instant Personal Loans

You can now meet your urgent financial needs through a reliable loan app download, which allows easy applyingof an instant personal loan at any time. Personal loans are also available on the online loan appfor buying a car or motor cycle, jewellery, furniture and other household appliances. Being unsecured loans, you are not required to give any collateral. The easy-step process requires you to fill out an application on a personal loan app and support it with essential documents for identity and address proof.

Personal Finance App

A smart banking app also helps you connect with the investment or personal finance app, and invest in equity or mutual funds. You do not have to waste time looking for the right platform for investment; instead, open a 3-in-1 trading account, which includes a trading, Demat and savings bank account. The app enables you to invest in equity funds, including low-cap, multi-cap, large-cap, mid-cap, arbitrage and hybrid funds through systematic investment plans (SIP).

With the trading account, you can also invest in mutual funds, currencies and commodities like gold. When allowing you to access the latest Kite trading platform, the app also facilitates free and seamless transfers to your trading account from the bank.

Personalized Notifications

There are banking apps that use notifications not just remind the customers, but to connect with their personal financial goals. With the personalized notifications, a bank should take an opportunity to learn more about its customers and create meaningful user experience.


The increase in cyber thefts is a cause for concern to the users of the Internet. A reliable mobile banking app should ensure a secure sign-in feature that leads you through multi-factor authentication, which is easy and safe. Adding to it, you also have a biometric authentication, which conducts verification through checking physical metrics.

UPI Code Payment

The UPI payment feature has turned out to be the most sought-after facility offered by mobile banking apps. It allows you to make and receive payments quickly. You have to just scan the code using a bar code reader to buy anything you want. Using a BHIM UPI app, you can pay your credit card bills, transfer money to another account and invest in equity or mutual funds.

ATM Locator

There are times when you need cash and look for an ATM nearby. A banking app can help you find its nearest ATM or branch, which can be of great help to customers who often travel to other places.