UAE Military/Civilian Industrial Base Strategy

Building the effectiveness of the interior Industrial Base abilities and ability to meet future Security and Economic requirements of the UAE UAE Industrial Base Strategy Background: This document is conceptual in the nature, and descriptions the necessity to give a better quality industrial base inside the UAE in line with the current political, geographical, military […]

Domestic Players and also the Sustainable Growth and development of the Nigerian Gas and oil Industry

INTRODUCTION The Nigerian gas and oil market is the main income for that government and it has a business worth of about $20 billion. It’s Nigeria’s primary supply of export and foreign currency earnings as well as a significant employer of work. A mix of the crash in oil cost to below $50 per barrel […]

Power, Control, Wealth, The 3rd Industrial Revolution

Once the first Industrialized Revolution unfolded the fuel that ushered inside a newly discovered method of existence was all according to non-renewable fuels. The gluttony that adopted within the fervor craze of drilling and mining that ensued only produced an ecological catastrophe of epic proportions today. Yet within the U . s . States the […]

Industrial Versus Non Industrial Plasma Cutting Machines

Industrial versus Non-industrial Plasma machines Plasma cutting technologies are a broadly used procedure that has acquired prevalent recognition for being able to cut most types of metal and it is quite preferred because of its simplicity being used. It’s versatility using its selection of abilities and applications make it a globally recognized metal cutting process. […]