Trading in Forex or the currency market, as it is also known, is today more common than you imagine. It is accessible to all types of investors and very profitable.

Being such an open market, it has become the preferred option for novice traders, and more and more beginners are opting for this attractive way to make money.

But you should know that being an easy market to operate does not mean that you don’t have your technique. If you are attracted to Forex but have never traded or lack experience, you should consider the following of avoid dangers of Forex Trading (อันตรายจากการเทรด Forex which is the term in Thai).


Once you have selected the currencies with which you will operate, you must define and arm your investment strategy.

Your strategy should be simple when you start, and you will have to adapt it according to the complexity of the operation.

In any case, your strategy will be an issue that you can design with the help of your broker or financial services provider.


There is nothing more negative for a trader, novice, or not than to get carried away by emotions.

Suppose you are excited about a run of high prices and decide to allocate more capital to that high-value instrument, and then prices plummet. You will finally have lost a lot of money.


They are the basis of good trade. It is necessary to investigate and prepare by reading books on Forex, courses, seminars, webinars, among others.

Today there are many options, even free ones, to which you can have access to learn how to take advantage of the financial industry.

Demo Account

Every good broker has a demo account available to traders through which customers can simulate their investment with digital money before starting.

The Demo account is very convenient for beginning investors as it will allow you to practice without risking your capital.

In addition to the Demo account, your provider can offer you more than one online help tool, use each one to increase the chances of success.