Blogs have become quite famous in the last decade. One of the reasons that people started writing blog is that they are a great source of passive income. Most of the people do not know about it. However, there are multiple ways in which you can make good money from your blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is truncation for weblog. It is like an online journal. Though, you share your ideas, news, and information on it. You can write anything on your blog. However, if you are willing to generate a passive income from it, it is necessary that you must do proper research for your content.

What are the ways to generate money from a blog?

There are three simple yet effective ways that can generate recurring income for you. They are:

  • Posting ads – You can post ads on your blog. If you are getting a decent traffic each month on Google, you can create an AdSense account and start earning from ads on your blog.
  • Guest posts – You can post guest posts from other writers and give them a backlink. You can charge them a small fee in exchange for that. Many bloggers desperately seek backlinks and they do not mind paying a little to get one. However, this is not a sure shot way to get rich, but it will keep generating some revenue for you.
  • Affiliate links – It is the best method to earn money from your blog. You just post a link of a product that someone else is selling. Any time someone click on your link and purchase that product, you will get a commission for that.


It is not easy to create a blog and drive traffic. That’s why you must focus on SEO for your blog. There are good companies providing SEO services. Their SEO services price[seo ราคา, which is the term in Thai] are also reasonable. Just go with the one you think is best for you.