Every business needs a copier for a lot of reasons. It’s hard to imagine an office without one, and it’s even harder to imagine some companies completely functioning without them.

One of the most important parts of owning a copier is knowing how to keep it in good shape and extend its life. Even though copier support in Spring Valley, NY , is excellent for keeping your machine running smoothly, you need to take care of a few things for the prolonged life of a commercial copier yourself.

Here is a compiled list of 5 tips that will help you maintain your copiers!

1. Get Proper Training

All the employees using the copier need to know how to perform basic tasks— such as inserting the paper correctly, cleaning the copier, or understanding if your copier needs professional repairs before the situation worsens.

Employees should also know how to use the copier with care. Even if the copier is of high quality, it will need breaks and routine upkeep. Knowing how much workload it can handle is essential.

When you hire a company for copier support, they will let you know all these things. It’s your responsibility to convey this information to your team.

2. Keep It In A Spill-Free Zone

Many employees have a habit of drinking coffee while waiting for the copier to finish printing those 500 pages, but that extra boost will have to wait. If the coffee ends up spilled on your machine, it can end up needing costly repairs.

Not just the coffee, but you should avoid consuming other beverages or food items near the copier. While copiers are designed to perform heavy-duty tasks, they’re more delicate than you might think. Keeping it safe from all mishaps is hard, but you’ll have to do it if you want to avoid high repair costs.

Besides beverages and food, everyone should keep objects like paper clips, staples, scissors, or any other stationery away from the copier to avoid mishaps.

3. Have Regular Clean-Ups

Even if you are getting regular maintenance done by professionals, keeping the copier clean will extend its life. These days, newer copiers have internal hard disks that store sensitive information. So clean it regularly to keep things running smoothly.

Be sure to replace the toner cartridges when prompted. It’s essential to keep the copier cleaned from the inside as well.

A dirty machine won’t give you quality results. So for keeping the copier maintained, cleaning it from the inside out is crucial. If you need copier support, the situation becomes a lot more manageable, and your support can focus on the issue at hand rather than cleaning up a mess.

4. Use Quality Brand Name  Papers

Low-quality papers will leave debris, paper dust, and shavings inside the copier. Using high-quality or at least decent paper will keep the machine clean from the inside out, not to mention that the print quality will be excellent!

Also, be sure the papers are correctly stored. They should be dry and away from dirt. Wet documents should not be inserted into the copier, even if they are dried afterward.

Keep the load of paper in the copier below the recommended limit. Don’t fill it till the top. Paper jams are something almost every copier experiences, and the reason behind this is the user’s negligence. So be smart and make sure you always keep your load of paper below the recommended limit.

5. Hire A Reliable Service Company

Even after taking all the recommended steps to keep the copier well maintained, you will need to hire a reliable service company for copier support.

All the points mentioned above will keep the copier running longer and in better condition.

A reliable service company will check your copier with detail from the inside out and make required repairs before the machine gives you more trouble than you can handle.


Now that you know how to maintain your commercial copier, there are two other things that you should know.

copier support in Spring Valley, NY is essential. The copier you buy should have a maintenance agreement, and the company should provide full support.

First, before buying a copier, make sure you know what kind of workload the machine will be handling. Second, make sure you purchase or lease the machine from a reputable company like Document Solutions Unlimited.