The increasing awareness about the need for a health insurance plan is what has made a huge difference in the way people conceive this notion. From the time when people thought of it as a luxury item that is only for the so-called high-class people to the time when everyone deems it as a necessity, Indians have come a long way. However, people are always conflicted about the coverages that different plans offer and what they do not. This confusion occurs because different companies come up with different coverages under distinct plans. 

Therefore, it becomes essential for the buyers to know what coverages the companies are offering under the best health insurance plans for family. A family insurance plan is always a better option than buying individual plans for each member. Let us find out the coverages that most of the health insurance plans offer. 

Common Coverages Under Family Health Insurance Plans 

The common coverages under the best health insurance plans for family by every insurance company are: 

  • Hospitalization Costs of All Family Members 

Every company offers pre and post hospitalization costs coverage wherein the room rent, medical costs and treatment charges are included. This cover comes under the waiting period of 1-4 years depending upon the terms and regulations of the company. The sum insured in this case may vary from plan to plan. 

  • Emergency Ambulance Charges 

Medical emergencies call for ambulance costs and charges. These charges are covered in almost every plan offered by the companies. Preplanned hospitalization where the ambulance is booked beforehand may not fall under this category unless mentioned in the plan. 

  • Restore Coverage 

Most of the insurance companies offer a special benefit called the “restore coverage”. This is a special privilege offered to the insured family wherein the coverages and facilities of the plan are restored for another family member if one member exhausts the entire sum insured. This coverage may come under an extra charge on the premium. 

  • Domiciliary Treatment Expenses 

Domiciliary treatments have become common these days since there are situations when there are no beds in hospitals. The medical expenses incurred during those treatments are also covered under the best health insurance plans for family. However, how many medical problems will get covered under this category depends upon the plan. 

  • Day-Care Treatment Charges 

Day-care treatments like chemotherapy, dialysis, tonsillectomy, radiation, cataract, etc. In case any of the members of the insured family go through such treatments, the expenses are covered under the plan. Day-care charges are quite common to the best health insurance plans for family.

  • Maternity Expenses 

Maternity expenses are also covered in the best health insurance plans for family. Since the maternity period is also a part of family planning, this coverage is quite common in all types of medical insurance plans that are comprehensively designed for the family. 

  • Regular Health Checkups

 Regular health check-ups are very common to the family health insurance plans. After a waiting period and tenure of non-claim years, usually of around 4-5 years, the insurer covers the health checkups. 

  • Mental Health Care Services  

Although this coverage is offered only by a few of the insurers under some comprehensive coverage plans, mental health care services are covered under family health insurance plans. However, customers should check all the details beforehand. 

The best health insurance plans for family are crucial for every family, given the times we live in throw a lot of health challenges. Take the help of online insurance brokerage firms to make the most of the available plans by finding the most balanced one. Also, get the details of add-on coverages that the companies offer to build a comprehensive plan at a reasonable rate. Take care of the family and their medical needs too!