No one can deny the importance of a business card. It is a card that can fulfill many purposes. A business card represents your professionalism and is a great way to exchange contacts. Exchanging the business cards is the best way in order to make a perfect impression on others. Also, when it is exchanged with others, it promotes the brand. For business professionals, selecting a Business card design [ออกแบบนามบัตร which is the term in Thai] is of utmost importance. 

Different types of business cards

  • Standard business card – A standard card is one that contains all the essential and basic information of the individual. It is cost effective and thus the best option for new start-ups and small businesses. Too much design is not involved in this card. You can either get it designed by a professional or there are free online templates available using which you can design it yourself.
  • Gloss business card – It is referred to as the best and perfect choice for those people who are involved in beauty care, fashion, cosmetics, design, and the hospitality industry. The people who want to make use of the images in the car can also use gloss business cards. It provides the brand a luxurious, vibrant, and beautiful look. Durability is another advantage of the gloss business card.
  • Embossed business card – this card has a premium look and thus it costs a bit high. Embossing provides an eye-catching effect to your card and also produces a high-ranking feel and look. It also adds weight and class to the card. In order to emphasize the major elements of the design, you can also use this type of business card. The look of this card is completely different from the other types of business cards.