Tired frustrated exhausted businessman working from home online sitting at home office with laptop during quarantine and self isolation period at pandemic. Crisis management. Despair of market falling down.

It has been more than a year since the coronavirus pandemic changed many aspects of everyone’s lives, mainly how people communicate. During the initial days of the pandemic, many workers are stuck at their homes due to mandatory quarantine with little to no face-to-face interactions, except with their families. 

With the reduced opportunities to spend time outside or in-person come new challenges for businesses to remain socially connected. Even the long-standing conventional practices for business continuity are rendered unusable in the new situation. 

With less in-person interaction, people have been spending more time on WhatsApp, Telegram, Zoom, Skype, and other mediated platforms to keep in contact with people due to the work-from-home culture shift. Such apps enable people to send text messages, video calls, emoticons, and much other entertaining stuff to various people in real-time. One can even create a group chat and add anyone they want to be involved with.

In the business world, many financial firms, banks, and other corporate settings use video conferencing tools to host internal meetings as physical ones were no longer possible. Employees also highly rely upon such communication tools to reach out and stay connected with the company’s clients. Considering the new situation, the need for new communication methods started to emerge.

Existing practices and policies before the pandemic had to be revised. Most firms allow employees to use personal devices for business communication.As many employees started working from a remote location,there is the needformobile call monitoring between client and employees also increased.

Moreover, there has been a shift in compliance teams for a platform-centred approach – which helps compliance teams address communication compliance and global regulatory requirements.

Read this infographic made by TeleMessage to learn more about communication compliance in a post-covid world.