Creating an email (SMTP) relay server in Windows 2008 and 2012
In this highly digital world, emails are one of the easiest and most effective ways to market your ideas or product. Users obtain these emails on various email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, and each of these clients will generate your emails differently. Because of these variations, if you’re not email testing effectively, you might be losing business and market. Let’s discover how to best test our email campaigns. Email Testing Are you sure your Emails will look amazing everywhere? You might have made a marketing email using popular email campaign tools. Before sending it to your mailing list, you test it by sending a copy to your inbox, and all looks fine, so you set your campaign live. Emails roll out, but after some days, you get replies from recipients notifying you that their emails didn’t “look right,” and some found theirs in the spam folder. The same email that looked too good in your Gmail inbox looked all over when you checked it in your friend’s Outlook client. What went wrong? At the very least, you should have tested them over various email clients because of just one error, and your business suffers! Emails for testing are as crucial as that. What to Test in an Email? Test Rendering of the Email body As we mentioned, each email can look unsuitable to different email clients. To check, you may need to confirm manually on a range of email clients, although there are many email testing tools where you can preview how your emails will look when downloaded by different clients. Test Emails on Mobile Emails viewed in web clients will look completely different when viewed over mobile customers, so testing the emails on mobile/tablet is also essential. Email testing tools will also have the provision of previewing emails in mobile versions. Test Rendering of Images This should also be on the list. Some clients block images coming through and even filter such emails to the spam folder, so it is essential to test this across many clients to know how images are showing up on the email clients and if execution is affected. Test Subject Lines Subject lines significantly impact where your emails ultimately land; will it be the inbox or spam folder? If the preferences and behavior of your target audience vary, then the email opening rate will change as well. So, testing the same subject line for emails sent to a varied test audience is essential.