The US based inspection and factory audit agency KRT Audit Corporation undertakes comprehensive factory and supplier audits, efficient and thorough inspection of products and shipments and the most advanced laboratory testing services to numerous clients in China and Asia. Their lab testing services are recognized at global level. The company provides lab testing services in a number of countries including China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Importers from more than 70 countries the world over hire the lab testing services of this inspection company. KRT Audit Corporation guarantees that there will be no conflict-of-interest activities when they conduct supplier audit, factory inspection and lab testing. The service team always focus on providing the best and 100% honest service to the clients.

Upholds honesty, efficiency and ethics

The Asia Office contact points of this inspection company are in India, Vietnam and Indonesia and China Office contact points are in Guangzhou, Hongkong, Shanghai and Tianjin. The company has its corporate customer service center in North America. Ensuring real-time communication is the ultimate goal of this auditing company. KRT Verify process is carried out honestly, ethically and efficiently irrespective of the client and the country. The auditors, inspectors and other employees of the company consider improving the quality of their service further as their permanent mission. The company is committed to provide the most efficient and 100% trusted service to all the clients irrespective of the size of the client and the volume of business. This inspection company serves very large clients who may require up to 150 inspections in a month and small clients who may not require more than 3 inspections in a year. This is the most widely preferred inspection and audit company in China and Asia. The company offers all types of audit, inspection and lab testing services for really competitive prices.

Prompt submission of audit reports

The clients who opt for KRT Verify process to verify and audit the production facilities and quality control labs of the supplier need not worry about conflict-of-interest activities during the factory audit and supplier inspection since the auditing company is committed to prevent effectively all such activities. This auditing firm assures relief and peace of mind to their clients by way of submitting the audit reports within 16 – 24 hours. The company never hesitates to post comments from the clients – though unsolicited – on the Homepage. This provides the opportunity to all to gather first hand information regarding public opinion about the inspection company. This inspection company is a member of ASQ (American Society for Quality) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Measurement. The English-speaking project managers at KRT ensure hassle-free inspection and timely submission of the audit reports.

Final Shipping Inspection – a money-saving option.

Whenever a client of KRT Audit requires something different from the supplier or manufacturer, the KRT personnel come for their help and submit the instruction sheet written in Chinese to the supplier. This will enable the suppliers to correctly understand the requirement of the client. KRT Audit facilitates pre and post-auditing consultations with the overseas supplier regarding the imports. The clients whose main concern is quality and quantity of the product and can afford only a single inspection can go for FSI (Final Shipment Inspection) which is a very cost-effective option.