If you have injuries because of a defective or dangerous product, you may want to seek compensation for them. Companies that manufacture or distribute products should make sure their products are safe and will not cause harm to those who will use them. Tacoma personal injury attorneys can help you file a lawsuit against the company that made the defective or dangerous product that caused your injuries. They will make sure your case can go efficiently and smoothly. Here are the reasons you need an attorney when fighting against product makers:

You Need an Experienced Negotiator

Once you are injured in an accident and file a claim against the at-fault party, the latter’s insurance company will contact you to try to settle your claim as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the offer the company will make is often lesser than what you deserve. You must not take a settlement without consulting an attorney first. A great lawyer can advocate for you, ensuring you get reasonable compensation for your injuries. 

You Don’t Know the Necessary Legal Knowledge

To come up with an effective product liability claim, you need to deeply understand product liability law. Thus, you need to be aware of the ins and outs, as well as the case law, statutes, and regulations related to your claim. A reliable attorney who specializes in product liability cases has a wealth of legal knowledge that they can apply to ensure you get the justice and financial compensation you need. 

You Need a Solid Legal Representation in Court

A lot of product liability cases can get settled outside of the courtroom; however, some may have to go to trial. If your case has to end up in court, you need an attorney who will stand up against the attorneys of the product manufacturer you are suing. A trial is often necessary if the company refuses to compensate you fairly during negotiations. 

During the trial, your attorney will prove that you sustained injuries from a dangerous or defective product. Also, they must provide documentation and may ask a physician to give testimony regarding your medical condition. Your attorney will look for evidence such as witnesses, photos, and videos that can prove your injuries were a direct result of the product you used. 

Keep in mind that it can be complicated to prove the product is defective or dangerous. The product’s manufacturer may argue that you failed to use it properly or did not pay attention to the warning signs. But, your attorney can effectively refute these arguments by fully investigating your accident.