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Get the best FD rates with Bajaj Finance FD

As one of the most trusted methods of investment among Indians, fixed deposit (FD) is risk-free and offers guaranteed returns. They are the go-to way to save money for small investors, senior citizens and portfolio investors alike. The reason why fixed deposits are so attractive to investors is that they offer lucrative interest rates that are compounded upon maturity. The interest rates for fixed deposits vary from bank to bank and are defined by the prevailing rates.

Bajaj Finance FD rates 2021

Bajaj Finance fixed deposit offers very attractive interest rates when compared to other banks and financial institutions. Here’s a look at bajaj finance FD rates in comparison with others—

Bank/Company Regular FD rates Senior citizen FD rates
Bajaj Finance 6.5% 6.75%
SBI 5.4% 6.2%
ICICI Bank 5.5% 6.3%
Axis Bank 5.5% 6.05%
HDFC Bank 5.5% 6.25%
Bank of Baroda 5.3% 6.3%
IDFC Bank 5.75% 6.25%
Kotak Mahindra Bank 5.1% 5.6%
Canara Bank 5.35% 5.85%

Benefits of Bajaj Finance FD

Apart from offering attractive interest rates, Bajaj Finance fixed deposits come with a number of benefits—

  • Bajaj Finance FD offers a Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP) through which investors can get a periodic income, whether monthly, quarterly or annually. Instead of investing a lump sum, small investors can make easy monthly payments.

  • A Bajaj Finance fixed deposit account can be opened online in a hassle-free and paperless manner.

  • Bajaj Finance has some of the highest safety ratings. CRISIL has rated it at FAAA while ICRA has given it a rating of MAAA. It also has a ‘BBB’ international rating from S&P.


Not only is the Bajaj Finance interest rate attractive, but it also has several benefits such as the safety and security of the money invested. Its SDP provision allows small investors to make periodic payments and save bit by bit with the objective of building their wealth. These factors make Bajaj Finance an ideal destination for FD investment.