This is where buying Instagram followers can give your brand the initial boost it needs to appear more established and get traction organically. Having an existing base of followers makes your profile look more popular and established when people first come across it. This can encourage more people to follow you since people are more likely to follow accounts that already have a strong following. More followers give the impression that your brand is credible and authoritative in your niche. This attracts more users to check out your profile and can lead to higher engagement.

Profiles with more followers show up earlier and more frequently on Instagram searches. A higher follower count expands your reach as your posts have a chance of appearing on more users’ feeds. When more users see your posts, it leads to more likes, comments, saves, and shares. These are signals to the Instagram algorithm to show your content to a wider audience with each new follower, the chances of your posts being seen and shared by their network increases. This creates a viral, word-of-mouth ripple effect to bring in more organic followers.

Follower count is one of the factors Famoid’s Instagram followers algorithm considers when displaying search results. More followers can boost your search visibility for your niche keywords.  A strong follower base builds trust and credibility that you are an influencer worth following in your niche. It’s powerful social proof of your brand’s popularity.

Get the most from purchased followers

The key to making bought followers valuable for your brand is to ensure they are of high quality and complement your organic growth strategy. Here are some tips:

  1. Do thorough research to find the best sites for purchasing real and active Instagram followers. Avoid cheap bot followers. Go with an established site like Famoid Followers known for delivering quality followers.
  2. Start slowly and don’t overdo it initially. Buying thousands of followers overnight is likely to trigger Instagram’s spam detection. Build up gradually to appear more natural.
  3. Maintain a good follower-to-engagement ratio. Having 10K followers but only getting 100 likes per post will seem suspicious. Use quality followers to drive engagement.
  4. Focus on growing your organic reach and engagement too. Leverage purchased followers to attract real users but also use relevant hashtags, post at peak times, cross-promote content, etc.
  5. Interact with your bought followers by replying to their comments, checking their profiles, and liking their posts. This builds connections and may lead them to engage more with your brand.
  6. Post a mix of content formats – photos, videos, carousels, Instagram Live, etc. Keep experimenting to see what you bought and organic followers respond to it best.
  7. Use Instagram Stories frequently to be more discoverable and humanize your brand. Leverage interactive elements like polls and Q&As.
  8. Conduct an Instagram follower audit periodically to identify and remove bot/inactive bought followers to maintain the quality of your profile.
  9. Monitor analytics to get insights on your top-performing posts in terms of engagement. Make more content in that style and niche.

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