The maintenance and cleaning of a pellet stove which can be gotten from Ecoforest amongst other places are essential for its correct operation. Here, you will understand how you should clean a pellet stove.

Ordinary Cleaning Of The Pellet Stove

When cleaning your pellet stove, it must be completely cold and disconnected from the electrical network.

These are the different parts to be cleaned by the user:

Cleaning the burner (brazier): It is advisable to clean it every day to ensure proper combustion. Take into account that the air necessary for combustion enters through the burner holes.

Cleaning the drawer and glass: The drawer, also known as an ashtray, is under the burner. To clean it, you must open the chamber door and vacuum up the ashes. Once clean, you must close the door. You can clean the glass with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive soap. Keep in mind that there are grooves between the glass and the glass holder that allow air circulation and internal cleaning of the glass. You should also keep those grooves clean.

Cleaning the ceramic parts: Cleaning the external ceramic parts should be done every time you see dust or dirt with a soft, dry cloth. The use of detergents that could corrode blemishes is not recommended.

Professional Cleaning Of A Pellet Stove

Annual cleaning of the pellet stove is recommended at the end of the winter season. You can hire a specialized technician who will perform the annual review of the stove and the internal cleaning and maintenance, checking the wear of the internal components of the stove.

The professional maintenance of the pellet stove will check the following components:

  • In-depth cleaning of the combustion chamber.
  • Cleaning and inspection of the smoke evacuation duct.
  • Verification of closing mechanisms.
  • Cleaning of motors and fans.
  • Control of the electrical part and electronic components.