In case if you want to make the use of the Roku device, then it is essential to, first of all, make sure that it is connected with the internet. Roku device can work if it is connected with internet access on the fastest scale to make your streaming process easy to perform. To get internet connection access, you will require the following:

  • Roku TV or Roku streaming stick
  • Roku remote controlling access 
  • A Router which is attached with Wired as well as Wireless connectivity setting 

Step by Step Guide to Connect Roku to Internet First Time

Right here we will be explaining a complete guide about how you can connect yourself with the Roku device for the internet access first time:

  • During the whole process of setting up the Roku boxes or the TV, you will be commanded to either choose between the wired or the wireless medium for the router as well as the internet. This step is essential even if you face Roku connectivity errors. In favor of the streaming sticks, the option of wired will not be available. 
  • If you have selected the option of wired, then you should not be missing out connecting the Roku box or the TV to any of the routers using the Ethernet cable access. This will enable the device to get connected with the home networking system instantly as well as the internet. 
  • In case if you are setting up the wireless connection for the first time, then your device will instantly be scanning for any networking system within its range. 
  • As soon as the list of networking appears in front of you, you can select a suitable network for yourself. In case if you are not able to view any home networking option, then you have to perform the scanning all over again to view all the networking options. 
  • It might be possible that if the Roku device is not able to search for any network, then it might be possible that the router, as well as the Roku device, is located far away. You can also consider connecting the router with the Ethernet. 
  • Once everything is confirmed, and it is connected with your network, you have to enter network password details. After entering, press the connect option. Soon you will be receiving a confirmation message about the Roku that has been connected with your home networking system and internet. 
  • As it gets connected, the Roku device will start to search for any available software updated. If you found any of it, install it right at that moment. 
  • The Roku device may often reboot during the ending process of the software updates.