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How to Find a Coworking Space When You are a Freelancer

Indeed, freelancers and coworking spaces are a perfect pair. However, don’t assume that every coworking space is the same. Not all of them are designed for freelancers.

The fact is, no two coworking spaces (or even freelancers) are always the same. Accordingly, you need to evaluate the accessible spaces to determine which one fits your work.

If you are a freelancer who is bored or distracted working from home, you may consider renting a coworking space. This article addresses how to find a suitable space for you.

5 Tips for Securing a Coworking Space as a Freelancer

While some fit freelancers, others serve different functions. See 5 ways to get a good coworking space as a freelancer.


Distance is a key factor when looking for a space as a freelancer. You don’t want a coworking space that requires you to take a trip for five hours. You also want to stay away from traffic.

Things to consider in advance – the distance from your home, the convenience of transportation, and the possibility of having different routes.

It’s a good deal if the coworking environment is close to different public transportations; or even walkable.

Required space

As a freelancer, you also need to determine the amount of space required for your work. You will most likely need a space big enough for a cubicle or desk.

But you can opt for a private office if you need a bigger space and privacy. So first examine your needs and go for how much space will be suitable for you. Then, at that point, make sure the space you plan to rent meets these requirements.

Consider the cost

The cost of renting a coworking space is determined by different factors. Such factors include size, amenities, location, and many more.

 Subsequently, while choosing the ideal space, make sure that the expense of enrollment does not tear your pocket. Simply go for what you can afford.

What are the working hours like?

In your quest for securing a suitable coworking space, you also need to pay attention to the working hours offered by the outlet. Is it convenient for you?

Some of the outlets work with the 9-5 policy while others have no restrictions. If your job is versatile, you should also go for a space that offers flexible working hours. If you can find a deal that allows you to have access to the coworking space 24/7, that’s a great deal.

Connect with other freelancers

Not asking for help can be an expensive mistake. Talk to other freelancers about your mission of finding a coworking space. Asking them for assessments may guide you down to the right deal.

Some of the questions you may pose to your fellow freelancers include – what may influence their choice of a coworking space and how it will meet their needs. Now you can check if you can apply the information gathered to your situation.


Finding a coworking space should be fun. As much as working from home as a freelancer can be boring, a coworking space should also give you more fun. Take you time to choose one that fits your taste. Finally, as a freelancer, you can find a suitable coworking space in Malta.