When looking for a place to rent, you can start by looking for property to rent in Fulham. Most of the houses in the area have the added touch to provide a luxurious and homely feel. This will make you feel at home even when you are renting.
Additionally, the security in the area is top-notch. Also, look for a home near some of the social amenities like groceries and schools.

1. Give Your Home A Fresh Coat of Paint

When a tenant is looking for a rental place, they are looking for a place they can call home. They need to find a perfect place they can live and be comfortable. When they are looking for the place, the condition of the house helps them make the decision.
You can lose a tenant by how your walls and ceiling look. Ensure you maintain the house and keep it clean. You can hire someone to wash the walls, the ceiling and polish the floors. This will make your home look presentable and clean enough for someone to stay. Also, paint the walls in a neutral colour to give the house life.

2. Renovate Your Kitchen And Bathroom

Think of what your tenant would want in their house. If you were looking for a place to rent would you want to have a tired-looking bathroom and kitchen? If you would prefer a great kitchen and bathroom, so will your tenants.
Renovate your kitchen and give it a fresh new look. Upgrade the kitchen appliances to the latest model. This will not only make your place look great but will also encourage the tenants to stay for long. Renovating your bathroom makes the house look homely enough for someone to rent the space.

3. Add Extra Room

When you have a property, you can try adding extra room and make use of the extra space. This will increase the value of your property.
When people are looking for a place to rent they would like to have a place big enough for them to grow into. Having that extra space that can be converted to, bedroom could be a great advantage to you.
You can try adding an extension to your home and getting the extra space. Make sure you get the needed planning permission and pass the building control.

4. Have A Target Market

When you are upgrading and adding value to your home, you should consider your target market. Get to know the type of tenants in the area and if they will be willing to pay to get that extra room.
You should talk to your local property expert and know the implications of renting to specific tenant types. You don’t want to be accused of discrimination when all you wanted to do was earn that extra money. You can look for property to rent in Fulham if you are looking to have a great space that feels like home.

5. Add En Suites

Consider the privacy of your tenant. Some people would love to have their own en suites. A place they can relax and take a long bath without being bothered by someone else. Especially if they have a roommate.
When a tenant is looking for a house, they need to see what you are offering for the extra money. Moreover, they need to see what they get from your house that they can’t get in another place.

6. Offer Additional Luxuries

Something simple like the décor of the room can influence a tenant to pay more for your home. You can choose great furniture that has a modern style as this can help the tenant make the decision.
You can have a garden outside your backyard to attract people who love spending time outdoors. Additionally, ensure that the heating system is working especially during winter. Get great doors and windows that open and close easily.


Renting a place is always a great idea if you just moved to the area or you want to avoid the tedious maintenance work of your own home. Look for a rental that suits all your needs and feels like home.