At the latest half a year after the delivery of the goods or after the provision of the service, the entrepreneur must make the bill. For this invoice to be valid even before the tax office, some rules must be observed and formal errors avoided.

An invoice can be created with a simple template in a word processor such as Word or Open Office. However, this has the disadvantage that all data must be entered manually. This only makes sense for small entrepreneurs in for example, data entry services (รับคีย์ข้อมูล which is the term in Thai), who only have to specify a few required things. The following list shows you which points you should pay attention to when invoicing.

There Must Be Contained In A Correct Invoice

For all invoices with a gross value of more than $150, the following rules apply to the billing process. Below that, invoices can be issued shortened.

Name And Address

  • You must provide the name and address of both your company and the invoice recipient.
  • Product sold or service provided
  • Here you indicate the name of the products or the service. Also, the quantity and the date of the service providers are necessary.

The Invoice Amount

The invoice amount including VAT. For small businesses a reference to the small business regulation, even if you’re a small business that create advertising video (รับทำสปอตโฆษณา which is the term in Thai).

  • The Date of the invoice
  • This is the day the invoice was issued.

A Unique Invoice Number

The invoice number can consist of numbers but also a combination of numbers and letters. According to the sales tax law, it should be awarded on an ongoing basis. The most important thing, however, is that it is awarded only once. If you want to avoid divulging your order situation, you can use a combination of the current date and a numbering.

The Own Tax Number Or The VAT ID

Here is the tax number of the tax office to use. For small entrepreneurs and freelancers, this is identical to the private tax number. But you can also alternatively give the VAT identification number. With this then international trade is possible. The VAT ID is only required by VAT-liable entrepreneurs.