No matter how effective you operate your store or warehouse, the truth is that your shipping processes are bound to have a positive or negative influence on your business. It does not matter if you ship by land or air or the sea. If your shipping processes are not checkmated, you might be running into losses. In this article, we seek to help business owners reduce the price they pay to send postage overseas(ส่ง ไปรษณีย์ ไป ต่าง ประเทศ ราคา which is the term in Thai). We will be highlighting some practical steps towards implementing eco-friendly strategies in your shipping, ensuring your business is keeping up with the advancement in the international market.

Eco-friendly Shipping Tips

Make use of eco-friendly materials

Package your products with eco-friendly packaging materials. This is one sure way of ensuring better shipping operations. You should focus on using materials that can be recycled like the BUBL bags that you can deflate and store for future use. Your packaging materials should be one that won’t cause any environmental damage.

Work on reducing returns

Reducing the number of returns you have as a business entity is essential. Imagine how it feels when your goods travel to other countries, only to be sent back because of one fault or another. Examine your return rate and implement actions that will reduce the rate of return on your goods. Also, review your company’s return policy to ascertain when a customer is qualified for a return.

Consider size

The size of the shipment matters a lot. Ensure your packages are concise. Large packages contribute to environmental damages. The more you increase the size of the packages, the more space it requires to be on transit. This implies that bigger packages will require a more significant transportation medium, and this is harmful to the environment.