LinkedIn is the world’s leading social network in connecting job profiles. It brings together professionals and companies from all over the world. The job search platform is easily accessible, so it is crucial that your profile is complete and optimized to achieve your goals and your dream career.

Therefore, every person with work activity must have their LinkedIn profile optimized, as it is the most used by headhunters when recruiting and selecting people. To keep it optimized, follow these basic tips:

Profile Picture

It must be easy to read so that people can recognize it immediately. Remember, People connect with people, so you should use good quality photos that show your face. You must show a positive attitude, go beyond peace and mind.

Cover Photo

You can use photos about your position or about the company you work for, corporate or team events. The photograph can be composed of a flat image or an image with texts.


The Holder is a text space where he must incorporate his main functions or main interests. In the case that you are doing some work activity, you can add your position and the name of the company in which you work. In case you are in a job search, you can write about your interests or specialties.

Work Experience

Add your work experience in an orderly and specific way.

Company Name: LinkedIn will search its database for the name it includes. Otherwise, enter it yourself.

Position: Enter each position you have had in the company, remember to add the name of the subdivision or area within it.

Job description: You can write a short description of the company, then continue with your job title and functions.


Add in detail the courses and training you have completed. Be specific in the level of study, area, place, and country.

Work History

Observe your career, retrace the path while thinking about the skills you have developed so far. You can enter peer profiles to have a broader idea. You can also search for existing skills like in the LinkedIn writer within the platform; the system shows you suggestions and segments each one.


They must be sincere, accurate, and specific, include working time together, technical, and soft skills. Write a personalized message to each person to whom you wish to request this favor. 


Add achievements such as publications, certifications, patents, courses, projects, awards and awards, languages, companies. LinkedIn provides online courses that, in the end, automatically incorporate the certifications into your professional profile.