Are you new to this jewelry business? Do you have problems spreading the word? Social media has made it easy to spread and promote your business.

  1. Display Your Creative Jewelry: The fact that you have an online business site doesn’t grantee you an increase in business without you displaying them. A craft show is the best way to show off your products online. Trust me, and once you can attend this shows, you will attract the best seller. Know what attracts people and work with that. Make your product unforgettable and undeniable by using the creative display.
  2. 2. Join The Online Jewelry Selling Groups: Joining online jewelry selling groups, especially Facebook and Instagram, is the best and great way to grow, get followers, and fans. Before posting, it is best to consider and read the previous post and know what has been discussed then gradually follow up.

3: Search About The Business: Read blocks about your business and get an excellent way to sample and market your products. You can check the price of Advertising with Google AdWords (โฆษณา google ราคา, which is the term in Thai). When posting, you talk about personal experiences and how it has positively affected you.

  1. On Your Social Media, Promote Your Business: Doing this has to be done economically; otherwise, you might lose contact because you will become a hard, annoying business owner to some people, so having a moderate and pleasant manner of approach will go a long way. While you focus on your social media (Instagram and Pinterest) because they are the giant visual current marketing sites. You can also tell your friends and family to share your products on their posts, possibly once or twice a week. This will also promote your business.