Cryptocurrencies get great attention in recent years. Many people know the hype, even those who do not get involved in the trading and cryptocurrency market. This makes people more interested in the cryptocurrency because the trends show good potentials and many people have been able to gain huge profits by investing their money in cryptocurrency. In case you are also interested in investing your funds in cryptocurrency, you should know best cryptocurrency to invest in. Many choices of cryptocurrencies are available right now and you should know the best crypto that will give you profits once you have started investing your money.

Some people only follow the trend of investment in cryptocurrency. They only see the trend in social media and then start using their money. In the end, the results may not be optimal and even some people only depend on luck because they do not know the basics and they only follow what the trends show them. In this case, of course cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum become the main attention. These are the cryptocurrencies with great value and the price is quite stable that can become good chances to gain profits. However, cryptocurrencies are not only about those popular coins. There are also other alternatives and you may need to know them before you start your investment in cryptocurrency.

One of them is the Binance Coin or BNB. This is the official cryptocurrency from Binance network. The current value of the BNB is not quite high because the coin value is only around $310 nowadays. However, it can become good option for the investment because it has nice oscillator value with good strength index in 62.34. Then, based on the performance of the coin in previous year, it has great increase of value. It started from $20 and now the value is more than $300. The increase of value is great and it shows stable performance. That is why it is good recommendation for investment. Moreover, it has support of one of the greatest exchanges that has concerns in altcoins so it becomes more reasons to invest in the coin.

Next, the option is Cardano (ADA). This is not a new cryptocurrency. The blockchain platform of ADA has started its development in 2015. Then, the token was launched officially two years later in 2017. Charles Hoskinson becomes one of the founders behind the ADA coin and he is actually cofounder of Ethereum project that has now become one of the most used cryptocurrencies in market. Although it is launched several years before, it starts people’s attention in early 2022. On the beginning of January 2022, the value was still $0.29. However, it can increase its value significantly and it keeps increasing nowadays.

Another option is Dogecoin. Many people have become more interested in the coin recently. It started with internet memes that later makes the coin gain more attention and more people know about the coin. In the end, individuals and even corporations start to invest in the coin. Now, many corporations and brand use the Dogecoin as internal payment option so it has great functionality. Even, the value has increased over 7000%.