Facebook will now translate posts into different languages

Global communication is a clear opportunity for translators and social media; it is a path for translation professionals to jump into without a parachute. All the indicators show that the intensive use of social networks and companies are not going to miss the opportunity to get where the citizens are. And it is that brands seek to attract customer loyalty, and in a globalized world like today, it is vital that companies can understand cultural and linguistic aspects in the different regions where they are established. For example, advertising messages may be mere translations, but it is important that they can be adapted to different languages ​​and cultures. Let’s look at how global companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Starbucks, or FC Barcelona have different accounts on social networks, segmented by country or language.

On the other hand, there are opportunities for global journalism for translators and interpreters, and translation services in Malaysia (รับแปลภาษามาเลเซีย, which is the term in Thai) it is essential to improve digital skills and increase online reputation with a truly scientific spirit of trial and error.

The Main Challenges Of Translators On Social Media

For starters, one of the main challenges, before any type of message, is the terminology used in each social network. A fan on Facebook is not the same as a follower on Twitter. Each social network has its own idiosyncrasy that we must understand and respect. In addition, Western social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook have nothing to do, for example, with Asians, with a clear predominance of the Chinese universe of, for example, Renren, QQ,  Youku, Tencent Weibo or WeChat. Let’s not assume that everyone uses the same social networks. The intensive use of social platforms should be the first step to familiarize yourself with these tools. We will find an interesting fusion of languages ​​to which we have to be attentive through neologisms and technicalities.

Already put in what multilingual messages represent on social networks, we must take into account some tips. Many translation companies offer adapted software for a multilingual distribution of content on social networks. In the same way that there are tools that help send a message to different social networks, the use of translation instruments can help but cannot be part of the final process.

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