The cuisine of Thailand is perhaps one of the most famous cuisines in the world. If you ask even an American citizen about what their favorite Asian cuisine is you will hear that Thai cuisine is their favorite one. It is because of two reasons why Thai cuisine is so famous. Firstly Thai cuisine does not involve too much spiciness in every dish, unlike most other Asian foods. On the other hand, they are tolerable by even the weak stomachs as well. The food of Thailand thus over the years has become one of the most sort after food and their Thai desert is perhaps the most famous one in a nine-course meal.

Take a good tour in Bangkok and explore the Thai cuisine

If you are planning to go to Thailand and Bangkok, in particular, you must go for a tuk tuk food tour bangkok. With the help of a good English speaking tour guide, you can very easily go round the city tasting food in a holistic approach. You can start from Thai street food and then move Upton Micheline food dishes as well. You can taste the Thai pad one the special deserts of the country. You can have other cuisines as well in case you are missing home; you may have Indian, continental, Chinese food as well. Bangkok has some of the most famous restaurants in Thailand.

Tour around the city of Bangkok and explore the food

So next time, if you are visiting Thailand and Bangkok, in particular, make sure you taste their food; otherwise one aspect of traveling that is tasting new food and cuisine of the visiting will remain unfulfilled. And if you are to take a good tour in Bangkok make sure you have a good English speaking guide along with other visitors as well. And all this can be achieved by hiring a good travel agent. In Bangkok, the best travel agent is Sawasdee tuk tuk. They have their official website online from where you can get in touch with them and also you can see all their packages for different tours in Thailand.