Many of you might have known that FBS is currently one of the most popular brokers not only in Thailand and Indonesia but also in other Asia countries. Thus, this FBS reviews will focus on giving you a full review of FBS. The review has four main points which are reliability, trading conditions, trading costs and customer services.


The factor that can decide the unwavering quality of FBS is regulation. It implies the permit issued by trusted financial associations so as to manage that broker. Additionally, it is one component that powers that broker to pursue the principles to ensure traders’ safety. Furthermore, brokers can’t meet the necessities of such regulations if they are not big brokers. As FBS is managed by two of the most credible regulations which are CySEC and IFSC, you can have a sense of safety when exchanging with them.

There exists one more thing that you should remember. Some traders suppose that the number of regulations a broker possesses can indicate the reliability of that broker. Actually, it isn’t true. The two scenarios below will explain specifically to you.

Scenario 1: Your country has its own regulation. For this situation, just your nation’s regulation is sufficient. Brokers needn’t bother with any others to demonstrate their trustworthy. For example, FBS has IFSC which is a South African regulation. In the event that you are brokers in South Africa, FBS will be a decent decision.

Scenario 2: Your country does not possess any regulation. At that point you ought to pick a broker that has from one to two reliable regulations. Try not to choose one that has numerous regulations. In this circumstance, FBS has CySEC.

  • Account types:

Cent account is utilized for new traders. As a learner, you obviously would prefer not to contribute a major measure of cash. In this manner, Cent account is an ideal decision for you in light of the accompanying advantages:

  • Just $1 is required for depositing.
  • You just need to pay $10 to get 3 months of practicing trading.
  • No commission is charged, just like HotForex. Check HotForex reviews.

Standard account is appropriate for those with more experience. Its leverage is high – 1:3000 but the spread is low – only 0.5 pip. It also offers free commission like Cent account.

Fixed Spread account offers no spread but $20 for commission.

ECN account is for experts as well as long-term traders.

  • Payment system:

The payment arrangement of FBS is moderately great. Traders can deposit and withdraw by means of regional banks and e-wallets in Asia with a really quick transferring speed. Also, you can finish your exchanges from 30 to 60 minutes, which is a lot quicker than others.

  • Spread:

Spread is the difference between the Ask price and the Bid price. FBS’s spread is pretty low – 0.2 to 1.1 pips.

  • Commission:

FBS’s commission rates depend on the account types. If it is Cent or Standard account, the commission will be zero.

  • Bonuses:

There are many interesting bonus programs such as cash-back program or $50 bonus program.


Client service is extremely fundamental and significant. FBS supporting administrations are really cool. For English speakers, FBS underpins them day in and day out on live talk, and they can even advise FBS to get back to them. For non-English speakers, FBS opens workplaces in certain nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, China, and so on which serve customers 5 days of the week.

This review is brought to you by Mario Draghi.