Taking out a home loan should not be as difficult as it often is, but there are companies that are dedicated to making it easier. As those who go to dustindimisa1.wordpress.com will see, for instance, a lender named “InterContinental Capital Group” has made some great strides in this respect and has been richly rewarded for them. A quick look at how that company’s “Lending Made Easy” initiative was structured and played out will reveal why it generated so much new business.

A Huge Industry That Does Not Always Serve Customers Well

People all across the country rely on mortgage loans to buy homes that often become their most valuable assets by far. Many also make use of options like refinancing and home equity loans later on, often employing these financial tools to achieve important goals, as well.

Despite the mortgage industry being so large, mature, and important, it does not always do a very good job of catering to the actual needs of borrowers. InterContinental Capital Group sought to improve upon the status quo with its Lending Made Easy project, a web-focused platform that aimed to eliminate a number of obstacles commonly encountered by consumers working through the borrowing process.

A New Take on Mortgage Origination and Underwriting

The launch of Lending Made Easy preceded an impressive doubling of loan applications for InterContinental Capital Group. Although there were some other developments that deserve part of the credit, the company’s leaders praise the role played by Lending Made Easy. Some of the features of that platform that helped it become so successful included its novel takes on:

  • Applications. Consumers often find the traditional mortgage application process complex, confusing, and overly slow. Lending Made Easy centered on a simple website that was designed from the ground up to guide applicants through the process. Would-be borrowers ended up spending far less time than usual completing the application, making it a more efficient option. The same system also cut costs for InterContinental Capital Group, allowing it to keep its fees lower than many competitors’.
  • Affiliates. Even given such a supportive, simple application system, some consumers will always need more personal advice and support. InterContinental Capital Group formed a nationwide network of affiliates who were trained to provide any conceivable type of assistance with its new platform. In addition to offering help with the system itself, these locally informed experts were able to supply advice about particular real estate markets.
  • Underwriting. Consumers often find themselves being steered toward mortgage products that do not really suit their needs. Lending Made Easy incorporated advanced underwriting technology that allowed it to automatically customize loans to fit particular situations. That highly flexible, automated take on underwriting proved invaluable to countless applicants.

Enjoying Deserved Success

Thanks to improvements and advances like these, Lending Made Easy turned out to be an especially popular and prolific home mortgage platform. That allowed its owner and creator to grow at a rate that greatly exceeded previous projections. Initiatives like Lending Made Easy prove that taking out a home loan does not have to be as confusing or difficult as it sometimes seems.