Building the effectiveness of the interior Industrial Base abilities and ability to meet future Security and Economic requirements of the UAE

UAE Industrial Base Strategy


This document is conceptual in the nature, and descriptions the necessity to give a better quality industrial base inside the UAE in line with the current political, geographical, military and economic environments which exist. Also, the necessity to supply the current and future military using the necessary materials and systems that may be created inside the UAE, to guarantee the internal and exterior security from the UAE. The overall premise would be to produce the conditions, the policies, the procedures, and also the national will to determine an interior industrial base with time to create the required military major finish products, equipment and sustainment materials essential to conserve a viable armed pressure.

General Analysis:

This document articulates the general need, desire, rationale, plus some from the major tasks that might be needed to be able to bring this kind of an idea to fruition. The document also articulates the reasons from the tasks needed to create the present industrial base to the stage of performance that could supply the military the required materials and equipment to make sure its very own security, without relying upon manufacturers and also the industrial base of other nations. Furthermore, it addresses the huge integration strategies needed for connecting the numerous parts and sectors from the UAE Society, to incorporate government ruling physiques and governmental agencies, the military, industries, the academic systems, industry associations, together with global, and multinational industries, in addition to critical infrastructure needs.

Adopting a nationwide strategy this complex in the nature, along with the extended timeline that might be needed, to understand the particular institutionalization of the industrial base capacity and convenience of producing the best types and right amount of military equipment to make sure National Security will need at least:

• Lengthy term vision and political will

• Lengthy-term economic commitment

• Tenacious follow-through over a long time

• Superior organization and management

• Worldwide staff of experts to barter and facilitate

• And single agency control in the greatest quantity of a UAE government

This single agency would need to have total control of the look, execution, integration, coordination, risk management and ultimate decision authority for those matters relating to the industrial base in addition to accessibility greatest amounts of government, to guarantee the continuity using the political will and also the economic realities, where key industrial base decisions should be based. Like the capital of key industrial base facilities, whether it’s a joint use facility producing both civilian and military products, is there an export capacity and what is the world or regional share of the market that may be permeated combined with the competition analysis needed to enter world markets to guarantee the economic success of commercial base ventures.