With the increasing cost of healthcare facilities, buying health coverhas become crucial. To add to it, the instances of people contracting lifestyle diseases are also on the rise. The unpredictable nature of a health ailment makes it a scary experience to remain uninsured. This is why one must consider health insurance as a necessity and not an option.

Whether you are young or looking for a health insurance plan for your family, there are a few points that are crucial in selecting a policy. It is called the coverage of a health insurance policy. Policy coverage is the medical facility that is available to the insured. They differ among each plan which is why it makes it vital to understand what they mean carefully.

Let us look at a few coverages that one should opt for in their insurance policy –

Cashless Medical Treatment

All insurers have tie-ups with hospitals around the country. These are called network hospitals. In case of a cashless facility, the policyholder does not require any upfront payment for the medical treatment sought. You need to furnish the policy number of your health insuranceplan, and your insurer takes care of the rest.

Pre and Post-Hospitalization Expenses

Another must-have coverage in health insurance plans for family is hospital expenses before and after your treatment. Most medical therapies require some preliminary tests which have a high cost. Also, the recovery for most ailments is not restricted to the time when you are hospitalized. It extends beyond hospitalization, and the medical bills can punch a hole in your pocket if you do not have coverage for pre as well as post-hospitalization period.

Cumulative Bonus

Cumulative bonus is the benefit provided to the policyholder in case of a claim-free year. It is not each year that a medical emergency strikes. For this reason, insurers have made available the benefit of cumulative bonus to policyholders. It is provided for a policy year without any claims and keeps adding up over time. It has the effect of increasing the sum assured for the insured.It is a handy coverage that you must look for while buying a health insurance plan.

Ambulance Services & Charges

Ambulance service is the most overlooked feature while buying a health insurance plan. It isn’t always that you end up walking to the hospital of your choice to seek treatment. At times, the patient is in agony in which case availing the services of an ambulance is the right thing. A health cover with ambulance services can prove to be handy in times of distress as you have more important things to worry about than transportation.

Pre Existing Disease Coverage

While getting a health plan, make sure they offer the insurance cover for pre-existing ailments too. It is more prominently required while buying health insurance for senior citizens. As a person grows older, some medical conditions begin to arise. When purchasing a health cover for your parents, the insurance plans must cover these ailments too. The plan with the lowest waiting period for a pre-existing disease will be better off in such cases.

Keeping in mind the above coverages, make sure you shop for the right health insuranceplan. These facilities will offer comprehensive coverage in the long run.