Professionals from various areas can work in developing consultancies. It is simply to choose a topic they dominate and find an audience interested in what they offer.

However, there are some branches in which it is more common to find consultants and people interested in this service, which are the examples that we will present below.

  1. Sales Consultant

This type of consultant is usually hired to help increase the turnover and optimization of the sales processes of a company or venture. Recruitment can occur because the team is not achieving the expected results, the company wants to implement a new way to approach the customer or because it needs to reap more expressive fruits in a short time.

There is also the possibility of an entrepreneur hiring an ISO consultant (ที่ปรึกษา ISO, which is the term in Thai) to assist in the process of market understanding, customer prospecting and product disclosure.

  1. Marketing Consultant

If it is already difficult for users to keep abreast of the many technological innovations, let us imagine for companies that need to plan in detail each marketing activities carried out. The marketing consultant is the one who can help his client to identify the profile of his audience better, draw up the best strategies to stand out in the market and boost sales.

This consultant works on the construction of plans to increase audience reach, in the study of the competition, content suggestions and communication channels ideal for each action.

  1. Financial Consultant

The financial consultant is the professional prepared to help the client to manage the money more healthily, be it an individual or a company.

The financial consultant works to assist the client in the control of finances, choice and realization of investments, recovery of financial problems, among other issues that involve money management.

  1. Business Management Consultant

Many companies turn to an outsourced consultant to help improve their internal processes. This happens not because of lack of confidence in your team, but because of the need for a look from outside, of someone trained to handle an atypical and specific situation.

A good business management consultant manages to see what is not always seen by employees since they are very involved in the routine and the other demands of the job.