In today’s competitive market, every business is looking for new ways to advance their technologies, expand their services, analyze their business, fight the economy and many new ways to stand out from others. One way of doing all these things is by connecting your system to Enterprise Performance Management. It is multi-functional software that meets out all the analytical and technical requirements of a business. OneStream is one such company in this area. Through OneStream consolidation your business will gain new heights in the industry.

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When buying EPM software, consider these points-

User interface- It is an essential feature to consider when buying the software. A user-friendly interface would enable the users to learn new calculation languages with the familiarity of their old software. This will reduce the training period of the employees and they can start using the software straight away.

Implementation – The software is available in the cloud as well as on-premise solution. A cloud-based solution is good if your company needs quick planning and forecasting solution, implementation, data access in real-time and reports from mobile phones, tablets and laptops without any extra capital investments.

An on-premise solution would give you a complete control of the data, system and security. The data is stored in the premises of the organization and the IT team of the company maintains and implements the system. Its high capital investments need constant updates of the software for new features and functions.

Reporting – Through EPM, it is really easy to generate reports after preparing them. The reports are clear and visually understandable in their graphs and charts. The reports prepared are interactive with the managers and the officials to analyze the data. The data in the reports should be able to be broken down and looked into carefully for detailed information. The reports must be accessible through emails via one’s laptops, tablets and computers.