It is important to communicate with others. If you cannot communicate with others, your expressions will just remain meaningless. This is the importance of language. Language helps you communicate with others. Not only in terms of communication but also in order to learn in a foreign country or even in terms of career options in a foreign place, language plays a major role. Now the biggest problem with language is that it is not homogeneous. You will find different languages in different countries. And different subcategories of languages with a single country but in a different region. There are so many dialects, grammatical and pronunciation fluctuations in even a single language, that you are less likely to find a single medium of communicating language in a country, let alone the world.

Why is it important to learn English in the present context?

Now to solve this particular issue, countries by the mediation of the United Nations have conceded that English can be the official international language for government and formal works. And that is why people across the globe are keen on learning the English language. Because not only English can help in communicating with foreign nationals, but it is helpful for higher studies in western countries. Even in terms of getting a job on the global level, it is important that you have a basic understanding of English. This means not only you must understand English, but you must also have the basic knowledge about English grammar. You must also have the ability to read, write, and speak in English. These basic requirements are always there whenever you try and apply in a big corporate company for a job. Thus it is very important that you learn all about English itself.

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