5 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Your Car

Your car is one of the most important possessions you have, and you will want it to be delivered safely when you book a shipping company for transporting your vehicle. But how to find a company that will handle your vehicle safely and delivers it in good condition at the delivery location? Here are some useful tips on choosing a reliable transporting company.

Some companies work for lower rates, but you can’t expect a safe delivery of your vehicle at the destination. Moreover, these companies ask you for nonrefundable upfront deposits which you will lose if you cancel your order. When you work with a reputed company, they won’t force you to pay upfront costs and handle your car safely.

At Ship A Car, Inc. their experienced professional drivers take utmost care of your car and provide door-to-door safe transport. Visit their website to know about the variety of services they provide, and you can get a quote for free by just mentioning some details of your car and location. They have a decade of experience in this field. So, you can just relax.

Why Choose Nationwide Transporters?

When you book with a nationwide car shipping company, you get four shipping options to choose from. They will send one of their professional drivers to your doorstep to pick up the vehicle.

1. Open Car Transport

In this type of transport, your vehicle will be moved in an open trailer. You can ship either small vehicles or trucks, SUVs, and boats. As it is done in an open trailer, it will cost you comparatively less and the safety also will be lesser.

2. Enclosed Auto Transport

In enclosed transport, the vehicles are transported in an enclosed trailer which ensures safety, either from the weather or road hazards, for the vehicles inside. If you are having a classic or luxury car or have any sentiments about your vehicle, this is the best option to choose.

3. Express Shipping

Nationwide shipping companies also provide express delivery for their customers. Your vehicle will reach the destination within 48 hours of booking with them. Here you have the option to choose either open or closed transport.

4. Specialty Shipping

Even if you want to ship any unsized vehicles like boats or trucks, nationwide transport companies have the option of using oversized transporters.

How Do They Charge You?

When you know how they will charge you, it gives you a clear picture to compare and choose the suitable company.

Here are some factors based on which a nationwide transporting company will arrive at the shipping cost.


The cost will be usually higher during the summer, holidays, and during the worst weather conditions.


Depending on the vehicle you want to ship, the cost will change. The larger the vehicle, the higher will be the cost to haul.


More cost will be needed if the distance is farther because of the fuel, tolls, and labor charges.


If your location is somewhere in city routes, they will charge you a lesser cost only. Because for rural routes they have to deviate from the main route, which will increase the traveling distance.