Lecture chairs are basically used at a time when people are listening to a speech at an educational event or a professional training program A good Lecture chair (เก้าอี้ lecture which is the term in Thai) will have enough comfort for the listener and will be functional at the same time. Lecture hairs are basically a portable type of seat, that can be gathered anytime for an event or program. They are easily retractable and can be easily stored as they do not take much space. These are mostly made up of strong quality fabric and cushions to provide flexibility and comfort at the same time. There are also similar lecture chairs that are made out of plastic and includes an adjustable and retractable table top. It can be pushed to the side when not in use and has a very portable structure.

Easily managed and lightweight

These seats are very lightweight and can be easily carried to one venue from another. The quality of material used in it is of high quality and you will see a maximum of plastic and metal being used for such seats. Since they provide foldable mechanics, wood it least used in such chairs. They are very lightweight and are easy to carry

Different types of colors and designs

There are many types of lecture chairs available in the market with multiple design, colors, and material. Strong lecture chairs are made with a combination of both plastic and steel, giving it a more sophisticated look. You can also buy one that is made completely of metal and fabric which is more strong There are almost unlimited types of color and style customization available for it.