Finding a first job is a big challenge for most people. Our academic training does not always prepare us to write a good curriculum and most of the time we learn about the recruitment process until we live it.

You can face an interview and answer questions like, what is your biggest flaw? How do you see yourself in 5 years? Why should we hire you? etc. is not easy. However, we can avoid many stumbling blocks if we invest time in researching and planning a search strategy. Follow these tips and find work.

Work Is On The Internet

Companies are concentrating most of its recruitment efforts in the network and this trend is very advantageous for candidates, allowing access to daily vacancies and which run through freelance platforms online.

Most of these services are free and allow you to upload your resume for recruiters to find. If you still don’t know how these spaces work, it’s time to learn, you can do anything like even how to get ads for Google Ads (รับทำโฆษณา Google Ads which is the term in Thai).

You Must Focus Your Search

If you want to get results it is necessary to know what type of job you are looking for, what area you are interested in and what skills and abilities you have to achieve it.

When a candidate starts his search thinking about working ‘whatever’ he loses sight of the importance of personalizing his Curriculum. Looking for a job is not to raise your hand to see who hires you even if what you do is to translate Chinese to Thai (แปลภาษาจีนเป็นไทย which is the term in Thai), it is to investigate what the market demands and which area fits your profile.

Looking For A Job Is Selling Yourself

The current job offer is insufficient for millions of people seeking employment, so finding one means competing. To compete it is necessary to know our skills and show the recruiter why we value candidates through a good curriculum and a good interview.

Selling is not lying, selling is effectively communicating why our work has quality and what benefits the company will get if you hire us.