Whenever there is a talk about connect people, Facebook is the first thing that comes to every mind. It is the top platform where people connect with others virtually. From connecting families and friends to connecting clients and businesses and seller and buyer, Facebook is capable of doing this all. The app that started with photo sharing is now part of business as well. In fact, Facebook launched its own marketplace named Facebook Marketplace to help sellers and buyers connect in a much better way.

But one question about this very platform is how to dropship on facebook. With hundreds of millions active users, Facebook boasts of being the most popular platform and it can easily generate huge sales. This very thing makes Facebook Marketplace great for every business including the big ones. It can be great for those business owners who are just starting their journey. Building a clientele and customer base will be easier with Marketplace. This happens because people tend to spend more time on this app than any other app or website.

Face shop page

To enjoy benefits of doing business on Facebook, the very first thing needed is a Facebook account. With a bit of idea of this app, one can easily create a Facebook Business page as well. From there you need to create your Facebook Shop. Now this page comes with the default setting. But there are ways to modify it.

You need to change the template to something that suits the business to sell winning dropshipping products 2021. Setting up a shop includes page description, call to action and payments. Call to action on this platform includes opening a chat box to complete the deal or leading to payment process. Choose your supplier to dropship the products to ensure timely delivery and Facebook Help Center will be there for any assistance.