An in-ground pool could be a need, particularly during the warmer months, for people residing in warm areas. Some may see it as a need, while others may see it as an investment in their home. They are lovely water features that can increase both the enjoyment and monetary worth of a property’s backyard.

In ground pools, in contrast to their above-ground counterparts, are flush with the ground in your backyard. To prepare the ground for the pool, landscapers can dig a hole. After that, the pool is lowered into the hole and the soil around it is compacted to form a smooth surface.

The Price of Building an In Ground Pool

The average inground pool cost is $35,000, with a range of $28,000 to $55,000 and even $65,000 for extra amenities and customized customizations. Pool suppliers often provide comprehensive packages that cover everything from excavation to decking, or you can do it yourself. There is a price range of $35,000 to $100,000 for in-ground pool turnkey solutions. If you’re handy, you can save tens of thousands of dollars by installing some of it yourself.

The price of the pool, the shell, the rental equipment such as a crane, the excavation, the water, the backfill material, the plumbing, and the pool equipment are all components of an in-ground pool installation. In some instances, that can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Check out these do-it-yourself in-ground pool installation prices compared to the package price.

The Price of an In-ground Pool Broken Down by Components

What you use to build your pool will determine how much it will cost in the end. Vinyl pools tend to be the most affordable, while concrete ones are the most expensive. Fiberglass in-ground pools are priced somewhere in the centre.


The attractiveness and durability of concrete pools are directly proportional to their cost. There is no fool proof method for building a pool out of concrete on your own, so don’t even think about trying to save money by doing it yourself. Prices range from $50,000 to $100,000 for complete concrete pool projects.

Because of their bigger size, cement pools typically necessitate more chemicals and electricity for maintenance than pools made of other materials. To keep them free of mould and algae, you should give them an acid wash every three to five years.

Your concrete pool may also require re-plastering after several acid washes, as the washes remove layers of the material. On average, owners of concrete pools may anticipate spending $27,500 on maintenance over a 10-year period.


A low-maintenance in-ground vinyl pool is a smart choice for those who are strapped for cash. In addition to being easy for the average homeowner to install. The cost of a vinyl pool shell is around $28,000), vinyl in-ground pools are also inexpensive.

Vinyl pools have cheaper up-front expenditures, but people considering in-ground pools should add those fees to their total budget. Over the course of a decade, the typical expense to maintain a vinyl pool comes to $13,300.


A do-it-yourself homeowner with experience installing in-ground pools could be able to handle it. Installing an in-ground pool is an expensive ordeal; if you do it yourself, you risk losing tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, if you hire a contractor, they might even throw in a maintenance package or offer ongoing assistance with pool upkeep.