There are many ways to add positive vibes to the work environment. But have you considered feng shui for working room [ วง จุ้ย ห้อง ทํา งาน, which is the term in Thai]? Feng shui is an ancient form of Chinese art that aims to maintain harmony between the natural elements and generate a certain energy flow. Feng means wind, and shui means water. By planning the perfect feng shui for your office, you can enhance productivity to a great extent.

Incorporate the right ways

If you can use the right colors, decors, and place the furniture at the right spot, then the scientific impact of feng shui can literally influence productivity and performance.

  • You should always place the desk in the “power position,” which is ideally the furthest point from the entrance of the room. Arrange the desk such that you can always see the door while seating.
  • To create strong positive energy, try to place the chair in such a way that the back is against a solid wall. If it is not possible due to the design of the room, then you can place the row of lush plants behind the seating area. 
  • The chair should be comfortable and with a high backing that will support you and offer protection. 

Introducing water and plants

A very strong feng shui for working room is the incorporation of water features and plants in the workspace. A live plant will also improve the air quality inside the room. Placing a fountain décor with moving water is also an excellent idea. 

Handsome artwork

Inspiring images and objects are always symbols to stir the zeal to accomplish the goals. Motivational quotes also help you regain mental strength if you have just faced some problems in the work procedures.