We are living in a digital world where from payments to IMs and important mails, almost everything is wired electronically. However, under a few circumstances, you require a hard copy of the document to be signed off or updated and sent across to the concerned parties.

To ensure the physical presence of documents at a particular place, you first need to make necessary arrangements for their safe and secure delivery, especially in case of shippingthem abroad.

Here are the few factors, which you might need to consider while sending some important documents to an overseas location.

  • In different countries of the world, different freight charges apply. Hence, you might want to have a look at the details online to make an informed decision. We also recommend you to take a quote from various shipping companies for the sake of comparison.

There is usually a freight estimation form available at the shipping company websites. You may select a relevant option to get an estimated Send documents abroad. Price (ส่งเอกสารไปต่างประเทศราคา, which is the term in Thai). However, it is important to note that it is not all-inclusive- and might contain add-ons like taxes, custom charges, etc.

  • No matter if it is a package or just an envelope, each one of them would be mandatorily made to pass through the customs clearance exercise prevalent in all the countries. The only probable difference that you might notice here is that a package would be equipped with a lot of paperwork, which might include the details like its contents, value, dimensions and more.

Such extensive paperwork, however, might not be relevant and required in case of an envelope enclosing a set of documents being sent abroad.

  • Next step is to decide is if you want to send your documents via airlines or through a sea route. Shipments via sea are economical, however, they often take longer to reach, if time is not an issue, you might consider the service.

On the flip side, airborne shipments though a bit on the expensive side, are expected to make it much sooner at the intended destination.

There are no better means than scanning a document and then sending it across right away to the recipient, however, sometimes due to confidentiality or other reasons, a hard copy needs to be made available- In the latter case, the international shipping companies have got your back for the safe and timely delivery.