If you are playing the role of retail investors, you are always warned to know better than just dabbed in stock market blindly. The practice that is becoming popular among masses these days will be Intra-day trading. The retail investors are mostly encouraged to check out somewhere else for multiplying wealth and earnings growth. But if you know what to avoid, then you are off to a great start! The Intraday Trading is stated to be a strategy, which you have to deal with utmost care.

Learning about intra-day trading first:

Intraday trading happens to be a process of selling or buying financial securities for a short time, just to make profits from price movements of the securities. Before you plan to Invest in ETF, you need to be aware of the two parties for trade that intraday trading needs. One party is designated to sell and the other one will buy security. Then you have order books, widely used for maintaining ways to align sellers and buyers. Right now, trading takes place within a matter of few seconds and most of it lies in demat. So, make sure to learn about the intraday trading tips, before you can start working in this field. 

Ways to do intraday trading:

There are certain intraday trading strategies you need to follow and it starts with opening a demat account with help from broker. If you open demat and trading account with discount or online broker, you can get benefitted from lower than average brokerage fee. It is somewhat different from the full-time brokers. Make sure to have one trading IT system in its place with proper charting platforms. It helps in offering live data fees for real time marketing pictures. For trading well, you need to understand ways to use broker trading terminal for placing intraday based trading orders.