Whether you swim often and spend a lot of time in or under the water, you may wonder whether a pencil can write underwater or if you need special equipment. People who swim a lot often wonder about this.

Really, all you need is a pencil and some appropriate paper. When immersed in water, a pencil may be used for writing. When immersed, a regular pencil may be used on waterproof paper. Regular paper is promptly destroyed by water, while waterproof paper may be used for writing. Conversely, aqua pencils do provide certain benefits.

It is crucial to be able to take notes when near bodies of water, such as lakes, pools, or the ocean, as everyone who has ever found themselves in such a situation understands. Taking notes and communicating underwater might be difficult.

Can pencils be soaked to make them work?

Theoretically, water may be used as a medium to transfer pencil marks from one surface to another. A suitable working surface is necessary because the tip of a pencil transmits a very thin coating of graphite to the writing surface. If a good surface were provided, there’s no reason a pencil couldn’t be used for underwater writing.

Prior to making a purchase, consider your intended application for each of these possibilities since they should all enable you to operate underwater with a standard pencil. Using a notebook may help in composition and note-taking. If all you need to do is scribble down a brief message for one of your traveling companions and then erase it, a slate could be a better option.

Before choosing to use a regular pencil in the water, there are a few additional considerations to make. You should approach this issue correctly since mechanical pencils may have metal components that rust when exposed to water for extended periods of time, while normal pencils are composed of wood.

Can pencils be soaked to make them work?

If writing underwater is something you wish to do often, you should purchase yourself an aqua pencil. Ordinary pencils may be used for writing, but they have some drawbacks as well. For example, they can be easily dropped or misplaced when swimming, which can be problematic in very deep water. Ensure that the pencil you want to bring into the swimming pool has a clip.

Normal pencils may not leave a black enough line on the paper if you’re writing in a poorly light environment so that you can’t see what you’ve written. Because they are often significantly darker than their counterparts, blue pencils stand out more on paper. You will be able to inspect your work more closely if you do this.

Aqua pencils are often mechanical, so you won’t have to bother about sharpening or changing the lead when it breaks or loses its edge. because a pencil is difficult to sharpen while underwater. Pencil may be sharpened again by inserting new graphite into the barrel. This is a major improvement over conventional pencils, which are worthless as soon as they break.


Aqua pencils have a sealed mechanism that prevents moisture from corroding it. Furthermore, a number of aqua pencils are made ergonomically to be used with diving gloves. This not only makes writing more enjoyable but also guarantees that your notes will remain readable after a lengthy dive. If they should get misplaced, it will be simpler to locate them since the most of them feature striking patterns and colors.