There has been a great increment in the number of consumers applying for personal loans for their purchases.  It is the unsecured advance offered by banks as well as a number of non-banking financial institutes to the eligible individuals. Every bank has its own separate criteria which includes income, age, job status, credit score employment type etc. to check while providing personal loans to their seekers. Every Loaning terms have three main components that is principle or the amount borrowed, tenure and rate of interest and the duration for which the loan is taken.  If you are also looking forward to apply for a loan, then here are some important things that you should know before applying. 

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Residing location 

The area in which you live plays an important role in determining whether you are eligible in getting a loan or not, because most of the banks provide loans to the seekers who reside in the same city. Moreover, every bank has its own norms and criteria under which it says that people who are living in the metropolitan have higher chances to get personal loans in comparison to the ones who are living in urban as well as in semi-urban areas. If you are living in Sweden then you can apply for a loan in the financial institutes such as Qred.     

Source of Income 

Your personal loan is totally dependent on your source of income, because none of the financial institutes want to face bad debts or unpaid loan. They firstly investigate about your monthly and yearly income, with this they come to know whether you are capable in paying it back or not. If you are applying for a personal loan to invest in your business then they will also analyze your total monthly revenue to know the exact position of your business.