When faced with breakdown of a marriage, people often take decisions in haste. Yes, the divorce may seem like an eventuality, especially when all efforts to save the marriage have failed. However, your divorce is not just about paperwork and your interests. If and when there is a minor child involved, you may want to talk to an expert, to protect the best interests of your kid. Hiring a Charlotte family law attorney can help your case in many ways. Here are some quick things worth knowing. 

How can attorney help?

  1. First things first, a good family law attorney knows the value of mediation. Courts in North Carolina encourage co-parents to come up with their own custody agreement, and that kind of forces parents to cooperate with one another. If you are not on talking terms with your spouse, or don’t expect any help, let an attorney handle the matter. 
  2. Dealing with the paperwork and filing is another reason why you need an attorney. Also, experienced family law attorneys are more aware of how local courts work, and they can handle all drafts and documents, so that a small mistake doesn’t delay your case. If you are signing any document, make sure that your lawyer has read the same. 
  3. Finally, an attorney is valuable when it comes to advice. Even when you seem to be on agreeable terms with your spouse, consider consulting a family law attorney anyway, because they can guide on your rights and interests. 

Finding the right family law attorney in NC

There are some amazing law firms in NC that deal with child custody cases and divorces. You can talk to one of their family law attorneys, to know what is the best way forward for your case. If you are hiring a lawyer for the first time, insist on meeting them in person. Most attorneys either work on an hourly fee, or have a retainer fee, and that’s the variable cost of your divorce. A good attorney will give you a fair idea of what to expect from the case, including a ballpark estimate. For knowing the law firm better, ask for references, or check online for client reviews. Also, make sure that the lawyer you meet is the one directly working on your case. 

Child custody is a critical decision. You cannot, and should not, decide on child custody agreement with your spouse, unless you have discussed everything with your family law attorney.