Engagement is such an important event in your life as it takes you to the marriage phase. A big congratulations on your engagement, but now you have to share the news with your loved ones and the entire world, and you might be wondering how to go about it. Worry no more. Mailing formal engagement announcements remains one of the best ways to spread the news to your loved ones. But that is not all; you need to make several considerations to ensure your announcement goes well. Here is how you should do it.

Decide Who to Tell Fist

For your announcement to be splendid, it will be good to maintain all the etiquette about the information. First, you can’t just tell the good news to anyone. It is good to start by informing those close to you. Your parents should be the first people to receive this great news, but if you have children from previous relationships, they should come first. You can then notify some of your closest family members, siblings, grandparents, and cousins. After your family, your closest friends should follow to receive the engagement news.

Mail Your Announcements

As mentioned earlier, mailing announcement cards is one of the traditional ways of spreading the news and is still adequate to date. However, if you decide to send cards to your guests, ensure those who will receive them will also be invited to your wedding. Besides, take your time to consider the wording options depending on the recipients.

Going Public

After your loved ones have the engagement news, it will be good now to make your engagement public. It is time to decide how you will go public, either through the mail, plan an engagement party, or publish the announcement in a local newspaper. Here is how to go about it.

Publishing the Announcement

If you decide to publish your engagement news in a local newspaper, start consulting the service provider about any regulations, guidelines, fees, or deadlines. If there are no strict guidelines, then you can proceed with typical etiquettes. Generally, your announcement should entail your information, including your new fiancée’s. This may include your career, education credentials, and your parent’s details. Although you might notify the audience of your wedding plans, it might be necessary to leave out the wedding date to avoid being targeted by burglars.

Announcing in a Party

If you intend to hold an engagement party, this is an excellent opportunity to spread your news in a fun way. Together with your fiancé, you will get the chance to meet everyone and see their faces when they learn about your engagement. However, be sure not to invite anyone who may not be invited to your wedding. Also, avoid doing it at someone else’s event, such as a birthday party, as the host may feel upset.

A Wedding Website

After your engagement, the next stop is your wedding. You can decide to create a wedding website and use it to spread your engagement news. Although this may omit the guests who do not use the internet, it is one of the most modern and informal ways to let your family and friends know about your engagement. Besides, the website will also help you keep your guests updated on your wedding preparations and other details.


Now you know how you can announce your engagement. Go out there and let the whole world know. The idea of sending a stunning card to share your news is too delightful to resist. If you need such a card, Mixbook has you covered.